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Connect To Country

We are living in a time of much change, but what never changes is our need for connection.

Wayapa Wuurrk is an Indigenous well-being practice inspiring many to connect with our earth through mindfulness, yoga and dance. The translation means "connect to country" in the languages of the Maara and Gunai Kurnai people. Based on ancient Indigenous wisdom, the practice focuses on taking care of the earth as the starting point for creating earth, mind, body and spirit well-being.

When we understand how to look after the planet, we understand how to look after ourselves and everyone around us.

We speak to Jaz Corr, a Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner, to learn more about this traditional practice.



ISE - Wayapa Wuurrk - Connection to Country


"I am a Dharawal woman, Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner and Visual Artist. Wayapa Wuurrk was Co-Founded by Jamie Thomas and Sara Jones in 2014. 
Wayapa Wuurrk is a daily practice that allows me to practice culture and language. I can invoke a spiritual connection to Mother Earth to attain and support wellbeing in the busy, fast pace of everyday life. Wayapa Wuurrk is a lifestyle with the notion of earth connection as its basis."


ISE - Wayapa Wuurrk - Jaz Corr


"Living in harmony with their environment is what sustained Australian Aboriginal people to be one of the world’s oldest, continuous living culture – for over 100,000 years!
Today, for most of us, we have become disconnected from our environment, from our tribe, from our food and from our Spirit. Through a combination of Earth mindfulness, narrative meditation, a series of physical movements and taking action to look after the planet, Wayapa provides a sense of belonging to the Earth while creating holistic well-being. Wayapa  is a way for me to practice culture and share culture in a way that connects and heals us all."
Jaz Corr 


Read more about Wayapa Wuurrk.


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