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A Minimalist Home with Hali Mason

A design lover at heart, Hali Mason welcomes us into her minimalist modern home where she curates understated pieces with a calming palette. We talk about her passion for interiors, slow living, and the importance of quality and craftsmanship. 


ISE - Hali Mason interview in her minimal home

 "Hello I’m Hali, I was born in East Africa and I moved to London when I was eight years old. I then moved to the North-West for University and ended up settling in Manchester where I currently live with my husband and our new baby. I worked in the legal sector for about six years until I realised that it wasn’t my passion and I decided to pursue my interest in interiors and design."


ISE - Hali Mason - home  
"Our home is a typical 1950s three bedroom semi in Didsbury, a leafy suburb of Manchester. I really love the area, there are lots of nice parks, bars and independent shops. I have lived here for the last four years, but moved into my current house two years ago."


ISE - Hali Mason interview - self portrait
"I have always loved design, but it wasn’t until my first trip to Milan Design Week that I really developed a passion for all things interiors."


ISE - Hali Mason - Aura Mirror in living room  

"I have so many favourite pieces in my home. I was lucky to stumble across an exquisite pair of 1401 Lounge Chairs by Wim Rietlveld for Gispen in their original upholstery which I never get tired of admiring. The frame of each chair is black enamelled steel and I believe they are in the original wool in orange colour. They were first shown at the 10th Milan Triennale (1954) and were awarded with a gold medal. I also recently purchased Flos Arrangements ceiling light by Michael Anastassiades which I first saw during Milan Design Week 2018 and brings back great memories for me."


ISE - Hali Mason - Flos Glo light in room


"I think when you buy quality pieces they last a lifetime. An aunt of mine used to always warn me about the trap of false economy - if you buy cheap you buy twice. I have experienced buy cheap mass produced furniture which has then broken and had to be replaced. Since endeavouring to buy only good quality products I have acquired less and also not had to replace anything. Also, attending design events such as Milan Design Week, has really given me an appreciation for good quality design over mass produced copies. This has also impacted my minimalist approach as I am investing in forever pieces rather than trendy, throwaway items."


ISE - Hali Mason - Menu monuments mag in home


"Slow living for me is embracing every minute of the day. Fresh air and the outside world is important. As a family, we go for a walk around our local area every day and I regularly potter around the garden observing new plant growth and wildlife activity."


ISE - Hali Mason -Flos light in room


"With the new arrival of my first child our routine has been turned upside down! I usually always start my morning with a shower first thing which really sets you up for the day. At the beginning of the year my husband and I tackled our back garden and planted lots of different evergreen, flowering plants. It has become a daily ritual to walk around inspecting each plant for any minute growth which we immediately celebrate. It is so wonderful seeing something you planted thriving."


ISE - Hali Mason - Flos light in bedroom

"My evening routine is more about the home. Before going to sleep I always give the living room a quick tidy and make sure the dishwasher is full and on so that we wake up to a clean and calm home. You really cannot beat waking up to a tidy home and a clear kitchen worktop."


ISE - Hali Mason - home


"Someone who never fails to inspire me is minimalist designer Michael Anastassiades. It is quite rare that want to own everything a person designs but with Michael that is definitely the case. His designs are sleek, unique and instantly recognisable."


ISE - Hali Mason - Flos light in bedroom

"The first thing I would suggest is to invest in good quality bedding. I usually go for neutral colours which can compliment any space. I like natural materials in a bedroom, so wood and natural fabrics are a must. The bed should face your windows if possible and large mirrors can bring more light into the room if needed. My master bedroom is probably the most minimal room in the house. The bed faces a large window which looks out on to our garden and all you can see is green foliage. There is an elder tree very near the window and every morning I wake up to the sight and sounds of squirrels, robins, blue-tits, finches etc."
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