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Celebrate the joy of Mother's Day with Saasha Burns from BEAR

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the energy that nurtures our existence. From those who guided us as children, to the earth that continues to nourish our every moment, this is a day to express our gratitude towards all that quietly supports us as we flourish.
Mothers are all-encompassing forces of nature, carrying the wisdom of our ancestors forward through each word and embrace. Much as ISE's own design principles, they gift us with all that defined generations before us, and will remain for generations to come. Throughout time and all manner of challenges, their guiding lessons continue to hold true.
In reflection of all that Mother’s Day represents, we have partnered with Saasha Burns to share her personal journey into motherhood with the arrival of her first child, Atlas Fox Leetham, earlier this year. As the creative director and co-founder of BEAR – a wellness and lifestyle brand that respectfully harnesses nature in all its forms – her business and life philosophy seeks to preserve and conserve the gift that is the earth, resonating seamlessly with our own.
This is a story of love and gentle strength – one that is sure to bring joy and reverence for all that motherhood represents.
Here is a glimpse into Saasha's world, as she shares how her days have welcomed the arrival of Atlas while she continues to expand BEAR's holistic offerings alongside partner and husband, Sammy Leetham.



Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - with her son Atlas | ISĒPhoto: Saasha kissing Atlas on his cheek. Saasha's bed is dressed with ISĒ's organic Belgian linen sheet set and duvet set.


How has motherhood changed the way you view the world?
Where I invest my time and energy has definitely shifted since becoming a mother. We are pulled in so many different directions running two businesses - everything requires our urgent attention, all at once. But I’ve learnt I’m a mother first, and everything else comes second. Having a baby gives you perspective. I’ve found myself saying no to so many opportunities, trying not to overcommit. Our lives are certainly full at the moment, but it’s been wonderful to pause and live more in the present. Family is everything.
 Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - Atlas on the couch with our beautiful bed linen | ISĒPhoto: Atlas enjoying a moment on the couch. ISĒ's organic Belgian linen duvet cover draped on the couch.


You recently had a baby boy, what is the story behind the name Atlas?
Sammy and I both loved the name Atlas for many years for its originality, strength and connection to travel. In ancient greek mythology, Atlas means ‘the one who is destined to be great’. Atlas was the greek god of astrology and travel, and inspires thoughts of great strength (physically, mentally, intellectually, and strength of character) and wisdom.


  Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - Sharing a tender moment with Atlas on the bed| ISĒPhoto: Saasha in an embrace with Atlas on the bed. Saasha's bed is dressed with ISĒ's organic Belgian linen duvet cover and pillows.


How are you and your family spending your first Mother’s Day?

I’m so excited for my first Mother’s Day with my beautiful boy. I’m looking forward to spending the day relaxing as a family at home, maybe with crêpes and a macadamia latte in bed, followed by a long walk along the beach if the sun comes out.



Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - Atlas on Saasha's lap | ISĒ Photo: Atlas on Saasha's lap. ISĒ's organic Belgian linen duvet cover draped on the couch.
What are your thoughts on how we can look after the well-being of ourselves and our children?
One of our favourite quotes is by Roman poet, Ovid - ‘habits change into character’. All of the decisions we make each day collectively impact our health and well-being. We have the opportunity to create a healthy, nurturing environment for ourselves and our children, to simplify our lives. It’s important we make time for self-care, prioritise good nutrition, sleep well and surround ourselves with people who have similar values and a positive energy.
Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - ISE bed linen dressed on Saasha's bed | ISĒPhoto: A tranquil room where Saasha's bed is dressed with ISĒ's organic Belgian linen sheet set and duvet set.


What does well-being mean to you?
For us, wellness is a way of life and we try to have a balanced approach to well-being. We are conscious of nourishing our body with whole foods, and at the end of last year we made the conscious decision to eliminate animal protein and dairy, and consume a predominately plant-based diet. One of the first things we do when we wake up is open all the doors and windows in the house to let in the fresh air and hear the sounds of the birds. There are so many kookaburras where we live in the Byron Bay hinterland. We love making a coffee to enjoy slowly in bed, followed by a banana smoothie or bowl of muesli with our BEAR Superpowders, drinking a large glass of water with our Explore Essential Daily Vitamins, and having a teaspoon of local Manuka honey to help build our immune system. Self-care is such an important part of our wellbeing - it can be a few minutes to myself in the shower (a luxury with a newborn), the ritual of applying our Wonder luxury face oil with prickly pear seed oil, or taking a much needed nap in the afternoon. We love being out in nature as much as possible and find clarity and inspiration by the ocean. We also love ending the day with a glass or two of natural wine and talking about the future together. These small wellness rituals keep us grounded and help build a strong foundation of health.
Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - A tender moment with Saasha Burns | ISĒPhoto: A tender moment with Saasha and Atlas on the couch, wrapped in ISĒ's organic Belgian linen duvet cover.


Has motherhood changed your relationship with your health and well-being?
I’ve always valued my health and wellbeing, but rest and recovery is more important than ever before.



Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - ISE linen bed sheets on Saasha's bed | ISĒPhoto: A beautiful calm room where Saasha's bed is dressed with ISĒ's organic Belgian linen sheet set and duvet set.
As you know, sleep is important to us. How has motherhood impacted your sleep patterns? Do you have any tips for managing this?

I’ve tried to embrace the broken sleep, adjusting my mindset so I can enjoy the moments throughout the night, waking to feed Atlas. It really is such a special time. I’m so grateful to watch the sunrise from bed each morning, holding him in my arms as the light fills the room. We used to go to bed around midnight, working into the night, but our bedtime is getting earlier and earlier, which I love. There’s nothing better than slowly unwinding in bed, with quality linen and a cup of tea, and having a good nights rest.



Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - ISE Belgian linen sheets wrapped sustainably | ISĒPhoto: ISĒ's re-usable organic Belgian linen wrap.


What inspired you to you create your brand BEAR?

We have a minimalist approach to beauty and wellness, and live by the philosophy less is more. We have always been drawn to clean, thoughtful design and quality products, and we were inspired to create a modern Australian lifestyle brand with integrity and sustainability at the forefront. Wellness is our greatest luxury.



Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - Saasha Burns sitting on the couch with Altas on her lap | ISĒPhoto: Saasha all smiles with her beautiful bundle of joy. ISĒ's organic Belgian linen duvet cover draped on the couch.
What is on the horizon for BEAR?
We’ve recently celebrated our third birthday, and feel we have infinite potential as a young Australian brand. The beauty and wellness landscape is rapidly changing, and people are more conscious than ever before to invest in brands that are socially responsibly, ethical, sustainable, and contain ingredients that are clean and non-toxic, not tested on animals and of the highest quality and proven efficacy. As a certified B-Corporation, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement. Sustainability is an integral part of our business and we are driven to be more conscious of our impact on the planet, innovate and create positive change. We have some new clean and natural beauty products launching this year, as well as an exciting product that is an essential part of every day self-care practices. We can’t wait to share what we have been working on.



Saasha Burns Mother's Day Interview - BEAR vitamin products on couch | ISĒPhoto: BEAR's Harmony essential daily face mist and Wonder essential daily face oil


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