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Surrendering to an unexplainable power, Alicja Podgorska Birkner translates her feelings into matter, allowing pure shapes to gain manifestation in the real world. Seeing herself not as a ceramicist, but as a mediator helping to convey something given to her, by an energy larger than herself. Reaching a place where everything just flows, her hands, eyes, mind and heart connect, her thoughts still and visions become clearer. Alicja describes the process of sculpting as diving into an ocean of love and surrendering to the feeling.
As a young girl, Alicja Podgorska Birkner was always drawing. Pursuing her dream as a graphic designer, she stumbled upon sculpting and immediately found her place in life. She first touched clay at the age of 24 and now exactly 30 years have passed since Alicja graduated her studies in ceramic sculpture and design. The final process of creating is the one she loves the most. Connected to the material and everything surrounding her she straightens the angles, smoothens the surface and meticulously makes sure the shape is perfect. With an immaculate attention to detail, her joy spurs into ecstasy when the form turns out exactly as it is supposed to be.
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