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ISE - Our Philosophy
The ISĒ philosophy is defined by a sincere dedication to timeless and sustainable design. Minimal lines are dovetailed into a vision of form that is grounded in the present and has at its heart the joy of generations to come. Balancing modernity with art, each ISĒ piece is crafted with the values of purposeful quality and meticulous detail. Integrity and transparency define ISĒ’s process of creation, connecting the hands which carefully sew, stitch and fold with those that embrace the ISĒ lifestyle at home.
Our design philosophy stems from a deeply held belief that luxury lasts lifetimes and across generations. Organic is integral to all ISĒ fabric, which is assiduously sourced from farmers and producers who cultivate nature as a philosophy of life. Clean lines that blend functionality with pared elegance are our defining hallmark of form. Inspired by the Japanese vision of wabi, which finds appeal in humble simplicity, we honour raw textures immersed in a beauty that is enhanced with each wash and made personal through use.