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ISĒ by Lilian Tran
“ISĒ extends far beyond the definition of a lifestyle brand. It is a nuanced reflection of my unique sense of being and considered sensitivity towards nature.
With each box that I packed and unpacked as I moved across continents and time, I grew evermore aware of the unifying sense of style that would step outside the confines of my wardrobe. It would pervade the furnishings, the fabric textures and interior decorative accessories that characterized my living spaces, expressing my love for considered detailed, minimal design and timeless sophistication.
ISĒ ultimately draws together the threads of this layered, balanced aesthetic. Every carefully conceived product is an ode to understated luxury, transforming the essence of my distinct style into a tangible expression. A style that never ceases to evolve, it imbues each ISĒ thread, button and weave to connect you with my personal experience of design; with the people that shaped it, and with the roads I travelled to discover and embrace it. Above all, ISĒ is a positive statement of design crafted with intention and sensibility.”