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We are inextricably connected to nature. Conscious of our impact upon the environment and its delicate balance, we constantly strive to uphold a rigorous commitment towards zero-impact sustainability. In this spirit, ISE products are crafted solely with certified materials and components that are traceable, sustainable and respectful of natural cycles. We ensure that every thread woven and each button used adheres to strict manufacturing processes that reflect the greatest respect for the environment. 

Dedicated to impeccable standards in quality, we assiduously source only the finest materials which re-imagine ordinary products and transform these into an expression of the extraordinary. We wish for the beauty of each ISE product to magnify with each generation that holds it, positively influencing our exquisite standards of quality. 


Luxuriously soft and breathable, our GOTS-certified linen is woven in Belgium from the finest organic European flax. Recyclable and biodegradable, it is a respectful commitment towards the environment.

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Italian craftsmanship and sustainability lie at the heart of our leather. Sourced from a family-run tannery in the northern Veneto region, it is created using techniques that respect the cycles of nature.

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Exceptionally soft and luxurious, our cotton is sustainably farmed in India by a family-owned enterprise that has been nurturing cotton for over four generations. Woven to impeccably high standards, no bleaches, toxic dyes, toxic softeners or finishing chemicals are used in its production.

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Premium and highly prized Australian-grown wool that is both lightweight on the skin and biodegradable. A fibre that has been thousands of years in the making, ISE wool perfectly encapsulates this immense savoir-faire.

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Sourced from the Himalayas, our bone buttons are mindful of animals and their welfare. Handmade by Nepalese artisans in a fair and ethical manner.

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Our recycled polyester satin product labels uphold a strong commitment towards a zero-impact philosophy. Made entirely from post-consumer PET plastic bottles, each label is a genuine reflection of our belief in environmental preservation.

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Our resource-conserving Japanese zippers are made from recycled PET bottles. Reflective of our sustainable vision, their design and manufacturing processes incorporate chemical and material recycling.

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We use a traditional thread which combines a careful balance of strength and flexibility. ISĒ products are sewn with the most durable thread available.

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Made on the island of Fiji, our elastic is meticulously created to the highest standards in quality and durability. Created by an internationally-recognized historical manufacturer, our elastic is entirely ethical and highly durable.

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