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Each button featured within ISĒ products is sourced from Nepal and is characterized by a signature engraving, assuring the ISĒ hallmark of quality. Handmade by artisans, their work is supported by a local association that ensures age-old crafts are preserved in a fair and ethical manner while connecting small Nepalese workshops with conscious brands across the world.
Made from sustainable bone, our buttons are created with Himalayan water buffalo bone that is discarded as part of the meat-processing industry, thereby ensuring that no animals are harmed specifically to produce these buttons. Certified by the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal, the sustainability of each ISĒ button is guaranteed while protecting the unique artisanship of local, family-run businesses.
Through ISĒ, we seek to develop a business that holds the values of excellence, regeneration and preservation at its core. In this spirit, we incorporate premium quality materials that are as environmentally conscious as possible, finding purpose and beauty in discarded and recycled components.
Remaining true to our sincere dedication to preserving nature, each one of our labels have been wholly woven with superior thread derived from recycled post-consumer PET plastic bottles and are certified sustainable. Bearing the internationally-recognised Oeko-Tex® 100 certification, ISE labels are free from over 100 chemical substances that are know to be harmful to our health, thereby ensuring that both our bodies and our environment are consciously protected. 
Our label’s certifications
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 – this is an internationally recognized safety standard that was launched in Switzerland in 1992 with the objective of eliminating hazardous substances from textiles. The application of this standard means that fabric manufacturers voluntarily restrict toxic substances that may be found in their products, thereby certifying that such fabric is free from chemicals that are hazardous or potentially harmful to the human body.
Every zipper that is incorporated within ISĒs products has been made in Japan by one of the country’s oldest manufacturers that been specializing in zipper-production for almost a century.
Reflecting our commitment to sustainable design and impeccable standards in quality, our invisible zippers are carefully made using recycled PET bottles, old fibre and discarded pieces of polyester which are transformed into production components of excellence. Both their design and manufacturing processes incorporate chemical and material recycling that constantly aims to minimize negative influences on the environment through a contained approach to energy consumption, CO2 emission and the production of industrial waste.
We use a traditional thread which combines a careful balance of strength and flexibility. ISĒ products are sewn with the most durable thread available.
ISĒ reflects the values of durability and quality. Our elastic perfectly embodies this vision, for it is carefully created on the isle of Fiji using a distinct production process that ensures it holds a longer life expectancy and can withstand many more wash cycles than the average elastic. Made by one of the world’s leading specialists in elastic finishings and trimmings, it speaks of their Cycle of Goodness formulated to express their positive contribution and commitment to a sustainable society.