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Organic Belgian linen™ is recognized as being the finest in the world – and is the only linen that features in our collections. Sincerely committed to purposeful quality, organic Belgian linen™ reflects our desire to work with fabrics and textiles that inherently last a lifetime.
Every fine weave that is threaded into ISĒ linen is sourced from the picturesque countryside of Seine-et-Marne in France, where farmers cultivate high quality organic flax using techniques that are gentle on nature and on the people that harness it.
Organic flax is a naturally sustainable plant, for it requires minimal irrigation and chemical treatment. During the production process, almost all of the plant is utilised, and the resulting fabric will naturally decompose, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Across the 400 acres of land where farmers nurture the organic flax, a natural microclimate and eco-system exists that ensures nutrients and minerals are naturally provided. The resulting organic flax is both high in quality and biodegradable, remaining sensitive to our skin and to the environment. Rare as it is exclusive, over 150 years of history run through each ISĒ linen weave, reflecting the art and expertise of an ancient craft.
All of our linen bears the hallmarks of quality guaranteed by the Belgian Linen™, Masters of Linen® Club and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) labels. These certify that the linen has been woven exclusively in Belgium, and that both the raw materials and production processes used are of the highest standards and are as environmentally respectful as possible. Countless hours are spent meticulously inspecting each panel of linen to ensure that even the most minute of flaws is threaded back into perfection.
ISĒ linen promotes health and wellbeing, for it is hypoallergenic and woven strictly through a toxin-free production process. It is exceptionally resistant, as it embodies lengthy flax fibres, which reduce pilling.
Naturally absorbent, breathable and insulating, this unique fabric feels luxuriously gentle on the skin. With each wash, linen becomes softer, perfectly expressing the essence of understated luxury. With its distinct texture, linen is durable and resistant, holding the promise of connecting generations across generations with use. Pure linen is a highly breathable fabric that enhances rest and relaxation whilst naturally keeping you cool on warm nights and cozy when temperatures turn cold. The epitome of versatility, linen may be used year round. 
Each piece of ISĒ linen is processed through a unique air-blowing process, which avoids the use of stones and aggressive chemicals and ensures the material and fibres within it are not broken or damaged. This creates a homespun and relaxed texture that is rich in character and remains luxuriously soft to the touch.
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Our linen’s certifications
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - the world's leading textile processing standard for the entire post-harvest process of fibres, this label was established in 2002 to guarantee when a textile is organic. It includes ecological and social criteria, and aims to define internationally recognized requirements for the entire textile production process, thereby providing credible assurances to the end consumer. 
Masters of Linen® - an internationally recognised trademark, this label may be used solely upon biodegradable pure linen that is 100% made in Europe - from field to yarn to fabric - and with a minimal carbon footprint. Managed by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp, the only European agro-industry organization in existence, linen that bears this mark guarantees the European provenance of the material and certifies that is has been produced with exceptional, age-old European skill and expertise. The production of such linen occurs sustainably, avoiding irrigation, GMO and unnecessary waste whilst adopting field retting techniques. This label further assures that the linen has been woven by a certified weaver and spinner whose work has been approved by a recognized regulatory body and has been audited regularly. 
Belgian Linen™ – created in 1960 by the Belgian Linen™ Association, this mark is assigned exclusively to linen fabric that is made of natural EU-origin flax, has been woven in a historical Belgian weaving mill, and complies with extremely rigorous quality tests. This distinct mark is borne solely by linen that abides by high social and environmental standards, which is the very reason why such linen is universally considered to be the best in the world. At present, there are solely six linen weavers in the world that are authorized to utilise this highly recognized label.
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 – this is an internationally recognized safety standard that was launched in Switzerland in 1992 with the objective of eliminating hazardous substances from textiles. The application of this standard means that fabric manufacturers voluntarily restrict toxic substances that may be found in their products, thereby certifying that such fabric is free from chemicals that are hazardous or potentially harmful to the human body.