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Sourced from a family-run tannery in the northern Veneto region of Italy, tradition and sustainability lie at the heart of ISĒ leather’s production ethos. Every step in its creation has been made using techniques and materials that respect the cycles of nature, ensuring the environment is protected and preserved. Dyed with the organic compound aniline, our top grain leather is buffed to create a soft suede effect whilst retaining durability.
From the desalination through to the tanning, drying and finishing phases of its production, our leather producers ensure that each step is completed using innovative methods that are at the forefront of sustainability. Their collaborations with key industry figures across the region ensure that all industry waste generated from the production of such leather is recycled and repurposed.
ISĒ leather bears the Leather From Italy Full Cycle mark, certifying that the entire production process of our leather unfolds in Italy. This certification has been awarded alongside others that guarantee our producer’s environmentally conscious approach, including the internationally recognised Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025) and the Der Blaue Engel (RAL UZ 148) marks.
Attention-to-detail defines the tannery’s philosophy, as each piece of leather is carefully inspected one by one in reflection of an unwavering commitment to standards of excellence and quality.
Leather is the embodiment of uniqueness, for no two pieces of genuine leather will ever be identical to each other. A trait that characterizes the extensive heritage of this versatile, raw material, it has been celebrated as one of nature’s most prestigious elements across millennia. Whether it is draped, hung, worn or stitched, leather exudes an unmistakable warmth in character and a deep richness in quality.
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Our leather’s certifications
Leather from Italy Full Cycle - guarantees that our tannery completes the entire production process – from the raw hide to the finished product – exclusively in Italy, in strict conformity with the European Standard UNI EN 16484.
Carbon Footprint ISO/TS -  measures the total greenhouse emissions generated during the life cycle of each leather product, and helps to discern which stage of production is responsible for most of the emissions.
International EPD® System -  our leather supplier holds internationally recognised certificates that document the life-cycle environmental impact of its leather.
Der Blaue Engel - established in 1978 and the oldest eco-label for materials and services in the world, this label ensures all leather created does not release harmful compounds that are detrimental to the environment.